Activities departing from the village

Descent of the Tarn River by canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle: Suitable for all levels.   This is a flagship activity of the region. 6 circuits are proposed from 8 to 24 km to fully enjoy the landscape and discover at your own pace the local flora and fauna.
Guests of our hotel benefit from a preferential rate for the white canoes from the Moulin de la Malène company. Do not hesitate to contact them if you are interested:

Discover the Tarn by boat, “Les Bateliers du Gorges du Tarn”: this is the emblematic and historical activity of La Malène. The boatmen will guide you along the water, along the most beautiful part of the Gorges du Tarn.

Bathing and fishing area: you are on the banks of the Tarn, all you have to do is choose your activity! Maps of fishing areas are on sale at the village shop/bakery.


Speleology: Departure from the hotel terrace with Seb, a state-certified instructor. He will take you to the center of the Earth, and guide you to an exit, regardless of your experience level in this activity. A number of caves are available, such as les Grottes de La Caze, Clujade or Coutal, the adventurers have the choice! Booking on

Hiking and mountain biking trails starting from La Malène: Roc des Hourtous, the Hauterive trail, the flour trail. Causse Mejean, Causse Sauveterre or along the Tarn, you’re spoiled for choice!


Sporting events:

Car racing: Every year, during the first weekend of July, motorsport comes to La Malène. In the evening, the village festival of La Malène takes place, with music and local food available!

Tarn Canyon trek: A multisport trek in teams of two, taking place in September. Registration via the website:

Tawara race: Canoe-kayak and stand-up paddle races, taking place in June. This will definitely wake up the participants! Registration via the website:


In the village

Heritage tour: A walking circuit through the ancient streets, the Romanesque church of Saint John the Baptist, and the mill of La Malène, with panels explaining the history of the village. 

Pétanque: Ground open to all, under the bridge.  There is a tournament every Friday during July and August.

La Malène Market: Local and craft/ artisanal products on sale every Monday morning, from June to September, in the village square facing the hotel.

Festivities and village meals: Music and large tables with local food and drink, organized all summer by the village community center.


“Le Fournil Malènais” bakery selling bread, pastries and biscuits, and also grocery general food and local products is located in the village

A butcher’s shop, selling local products, including delicatessen items is also present.

There is also a Gévaudan souvenir shop for postcards and gifts!

Little extras

Tourist Information office:  Information on the best sights of the Gorges du Tarn, Jonte and Causses. The office is located on the bridge.

Communal post office can be found in the village.

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